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Decision Board

The primary research method used by our team is computerized decision process tracing, a research technique that allows observation and recording of various indicators of an individual's choice strategy. Some of the unique capabilities of the computerized decision process tracers as a research tool are their ability to detect various decision strategies, test the effects of multiple situational and personal factors on decision processing and outcomes, their ability to deal with counterfactual data and scenarios, and serve as a training device. DB 4.0 also allows for the analysis of sequential and interactive decision problems.

The common use of process tracing in the study of cognitive decision making typically concentrates on information acquisition patterns of decision makers and on the cognitive algebra by which items of information are consolidated (aggregated and integrated) to form a choice.

The generic nature and programming flexibility of this platform allows researchers to conceivably develop countless scenarios of crisis situations, bargaining, negotiation, timing, and elections. For more information on the Decision Board 4.0, contact Alex Mintz.